What incoming Freshman are looking for in a high school

Kate McKinnis, Reporter

There is a big difference between middle school and high school. Not only is there an age difference, but the level of education is increased, but the pressure to be on track to graduate on time and find a suitable college. Many 8th graders who will become freshman want to look at the options for high schools in Durango. Big Picture High School, Durango High School and Animas High School offer great things. Most incoming freshman have an idea of what they want their high school to offer, including sports and  academics. El Diablo interviewed incoming freshman at 8th grade parent night.


Q:What makes school decent?

A:“I want a place that is friendly and inviting. I care about the academics and sports, but I also want to feel comfortable in my own school,” said 8th grader Mikaela Reeder.


Q:What makes you want to go to high school?

A:“Everyday I walk into Miller Middle, I love the sense that everything is familiar” said Braisy Blood, “It provides me with a sense of calmness and gives me an idea of what my day is going to look like. I love both the team spirit and academic support there is.”


Q:What is important for you in a high school?

A:“I’m looking for a high school that is strong in their sports. I want a high school that is cheering on every team no matter the sport,” said Jacob Philippon.


Q: What do you want in your high school?

A:“What I want in my high school? That’s a loaded question. There is so much that makes a school a place that is reasonably okay. I love the balance of sports and academics. I love the fact that every day feels finished, even if I dread getting up at 6 am. I love the fact that a school is warm when the weather is cold and your cheeks are frozen solid. A school is meant to be a place where you should enjoy learning and understanding. A place where I want to look back and see great memories. I want my high school to be filled with love and happiness, where everyone and anyone is welcome. That’s what I want in my highschool,” said Emma Wales.


Q: What courses do you want your high school to offer?

A: I want my high school to offer a variety of classes so I can try new things. I’m excited about the many different levels of math and science that are offered. I want to find many different specialties so I can try and decide what I want to do with my future,” said Riley Jaber.


Q:What is one thing that you want your future high school to offer?

A: I want college prep classes, as many AP classes as possible for freshman, well enforced rules and policies, good lunch food, and great athletic and academic programs,” said Ashlyn Cross.


Q: What do you want your high school to offer?

A: “A good education that would fit my needs. Having a way to relax myself after a stressful day of school. Also, walks and moments to myself, listening to music, etc. I think we all need this somedays,” said Grace Shaw.