One man’s reaction to “Man of the Woods”

Jack Whistler, Reporter

I never pegged Justin Timberlake as the outdoorsy type, but he wants the whole world to know the he’s a man of nature in his new album “Man of the Woods”. The album peaked at No.1 on the Billboard 200. This is Timberlake’s 5th studio album and to be honest, it’s not the kind of gem we can see from artists later in their careers.  The album is a drag. I can not even begin to vent on how long and repetitive each song is, and the lyrics to the entire album could fit on a single sticky note. It seems as though Timberlake is trying to sell this album with a nostalgic country pop feel, but it sounds more like nails on a chalkboard when you end up hearing the same three guitar chords for the duration of each song. Another thing that’s bothersome besides the repetitiveness of the album is the length. Each song is least four minutes. Why do we need four minutes of the same meaningless lyrics? It also seems that Justin uses the woods to create a bunch of unnecessary innuendos found in “Man of the Woods” which is almost painful to listen to. “Midnight Summer Jam” is far from a jam. Justin also tries to add a touch of depth and artistry to this music. Heard at the end of some songs and in interludes is a creepy female voice that talks about doing weird voodoo things with a flannel, asking if you can see her in the woods, and sexually talking to what I assume is Justin. First off, Justin, you’re not that hot. Secondly, it sounds really out of place in a album that tries to create a hick and woodsmen image of Justin, and in album designed to sell to coony, basic people. The album strives for depth and originality but falls flat in execution concerning talent and songwriting. If you want to create an album with more meaning and depth , maybe write more than a page of lyrics for it. It’s no surprise that this album is chart topper, seeing as Timberlake always has some huge hits with each release. The songs are undeniably catchy, but one can’t seem to find any depth to the repetitive lyrics. Some people find this album extremely difficult to listen to for long periods of time, and while many might find many of the songs catchy and fun, I’d rather listen to something less long, less repetitive, and more meaningful.