Hollywood must do more than promote awareness for #metoo movement

Haley Szczech , News Co-Head Editor

Last March, I attended the Women’s March on Denver, Colorado. I’ve always been motivated to support women and minorities in leading the way to equality, but being there, in the midst of over 100,000 empowered people, fueled my already burning fire.

I made a sign, wore my pink Pussyhat, and chanted for equality everywhere. I knew that a single day of marching wouldn’t change the world completely, but I also knew that it would help spread awareness.

Over the past few months, amidst the sexual harassment accusations in Hollywood, celebrities have started supporting the push for equality in a myriad of ways. First came the #MeToo movement. I noticed the hashtag on Facebook, seeing that many of my friends, as well as family members, had experienced sexual harassment or assault. After checking Twitter and Instagram, it became clear that the hashtag wasn’t meant to start a revolution – it was meant to spread awareness.

To allow women and men everywhere to raise their hands and show that they, too, had a harmful memory that they were tired of suppressing.

Then came the Times Up movement. Inspired by the Me Too hashtag and the Harvey Weinstein sexual assault allegations, Times Up is a true campaign against sexual harassment. A majority of the awareness for these two movements was spread by Hollywood. But when it comes down to it, are they really doing their part to change their lifestyle and career choices?

The 2018 Grammys created plenty of controversy around the movement when nominees decided to wear white roses in solidarity for the victims. Surprisingly, or maybe not-so-surprisingly, a number of nominated men decided to leave the white rose at home. These included Tyler the Creator, Childish Gambino, and Big Sean, all of which who have questionable lyrics involving sexual harassment or rape.
However, even those that did wear the rose may have questionable reasons for doing so. Similar to when businesses use the LGBTQ+ rainbow to gain popularity, as opposed to actually supporting those individuals, many have wondered if celebrities are supporting this important movement for selfish reasons.

It would be good publicity to support such a beneficial movement for sexual assault survivors everywhere. While many celebrities do legitimately support the movement, there are plenty of others who will claim to be a supporter, but still worked with Weinstein after he was blamed.

During the Golden Globes, many celebrities showed support once more by wearing black. Clearly, the thought is there. Famous women and men alike want to spread awareness. However, wearing black won’t make much of a change. It’s nice to see those in the industry standing in solidarity, but if they don’t change their actions in a business so corrupted with sexual harassment that it’s almost become the norm, the sexual harassment won’t end.