Band night inspires incoming eighth graders

Osias Madrid, Reporter

As 8th graders near the end of the school year, they all anxiously ponder about the new adventures high school will bring. For band students, the Band Extravaganza hopes to clear up some of the worries they may have.

On February 13th, the DHS Band and all Middle School Band programs attended the Band Extravaganza at Fort Lewis College, a concert that brings students of all ages together for a mass music making experience.

The Extravaganza is more than just a concert, though; it is also a chance for the middle schoolers to get some sort of an idea as to what high school band will be like, and if it is something they would like to stick with throughout their high school years.

“I believe the Extravaganza is an important experience for students at any level,” said DHS Senior Chandler Jeep, who is also one of the drum majors in the band program.

“For middle schoolers, it serves as some sort of inspiration, and as high schoolers you are that inspiration. As a middle schooler, getting to make music with people who are up to 7 years older than you really makes you think about who you want to be and the legacy you want to leave” said Jeep.

Some of the teachers feel similar, in the fact that the Extravaganza and sticking through high school band is important to students. Molly Jensen, the Miller Middle School band  teacher, was especially passionate about that idea.

“The Extravaganza is important for middle schoolers to see what they’re headed toward. As a high schooler, those kids are able to be a part of this music community. Their leadership affects what comes up after them, and that’s important to remember” said Jensen, who believes that being a strong leader is an important skill for everyone to possess.

“Even beyond this, it gives the middle schoolers a chance to see what Mrs. Reed (the high school band teacher) is like, and her teaching style and personality” said Jensen.

“Through the numbers of comments I get from parents, I can tell that it has a big impact. They are all excited for their kids to be a part of the experience, and it also helps them keep their kids motivated. It helps them to keep their students involved” said Jensen.

Both Jensen and Jeep agreed that being able to have that band-family atmosphere at your side through the years is important, and having it makes all of high school a little bit easier. Being able to have a large group of people to stick around with can be a big help to adjusting to a new school environment.

Mrs. Jensen was a firm believer in sticking with music in high school, and believes it can have a big impact on the person you are in the future, giving you skills you can carry with you for the rest of your life. “Music brings people together, and everyone loves music. Beautiful music makes beautiful people.”