Flavorful Durango: New restraunts open up


Maddy Gleason, Features Editor

 No matter how long you’ve lived here, you can’t deny Durango has great local food. Rice Monkey, Zia Taqueria, and Serious Texas Barbeque are a few of many flavorful restaurants which help Durango shine.

    The community of Durango is very open-minded, and many people love to experiment and try new foods. The local business arena is very diverse, with various types of restaurants all around town.

    Like any town, pizza has found its place in Durango with the locals and frequent visitors. We also have popular Mexican, Thai and American restaurants. Recently, Durango has expanded its food palette with new restaurants opening up almost every month.

    A new Mexican restaurant, Mountain Taco, opened where Fired up Pizzeria used to be, and it’s definitely memorable.

    The inside of Mountain Taco has plenty of room for seating large groups, or just for a few friends going out to dinner. The staff is very friendly, and the food comes quickly, is delicious, and is distinguishable from other Mexican restaurants around town.

    Cantera, a new Mexican restaurant, opened up where the Lost Dog used to be. So. Olivia Mummery shares her dining experience at the new restaurant.

    “Cantera had really good, authentic food as well as great service. What sets them apart is the atmosphere, which was very impressive and unique. I recommend giving Cantera a try; there are many food options and the experience is really inviting and enjoyable,” said Mummery.

    It’s very classy on the inside, and according to recent visitors, the fajitas and the tacos are a big hit. It was opened by the owners of Macho’s, another popular restaurant in Durango.

    New restaurants opened by other owners seem to be popular in Durango. The locally-loved Rice Monkey owners opened Pop Sushi in the Bread Complex.

    “I liked the atmosphere at Pop Sushi. It was casual, yet really fun and lively. I also like the location of Pop Sushi, and that more restaurants over the last five years have been moving into the Florida neighborhood,” said DHS staff member Katie Brandau.

    Not only is the food delicious at these new restaurants, but they also provide numerous benefits for Durango’s growing economy.

    “Eating locally helps put money back into the Durango economy. It also provides more jobs for locals, which in turn also enhances our local economy. New restaurants also give locals more of a variety when they choose to eat out,” said Brandau.

    “Restaurants like these, that are different, are very intriguing for people to try and are advantageous to Durango’s local food market,” said Mummery.

    Although we have a great variety of restaurants in Durango, it wouldn’t hurt to open up some more that provide more options.

    “I think it would be awesome if we opened an Indian food restaurant. Honestly, we need a good classic deli, and I think Durango is really lacking in sandwiches, and we also need a another bakery/breakfast place,” said Brandau.

     Even before opening these new restaurants, our local food business was incredibly successful and the community of Durango was open and welcoming to new businesses. These delicious restaurants, and hopefully more to come, make Durango unique, and our restaurant economy is only getting better.