DHS Rocks rallies for DHS Cares


Mia Boudreau, Reporter

Unlike most other talent shows, DHS Rocks is one with a special cause rooted in giving back and showing support for others within the Durango High School community.

The show lasts the entire school day. Students get to attend if they raise a minimum of $25 per class. This year DHS Rocks raised a total of $5,041.

“The proceeds raised go to DHS Cares, which is a fund for students of the school and their families who could be financially in need,” said so. Stevi Cameron, a member of the DHS Rocks Student Council committee. “Last year we raised almost $4,500 and most of that has been used this year to fuel cars, pay for utilities, or even clothes for students at DHS, so the money circulates locally.”

DHS Rocks is also a great example of how we demonstrate the Demon Way at DHS. This talent show puts others first by giving support to those in our community who need it most.

“DHS Rocks is important because it exemplifies the Demon Way – by showing that we take pride in each other’s talents and abilities,” said teacher and Student Council advisor Dale Garland. “It raises money for an important cause and we can help DHS students who need help.”

The cause of DHS Rocks is very important, especially since the proceeds stay local. Even if where the money goes is confidential, students can still know that they have helped their peers.

This year, acts ranged from improv to dancing and everything in between. Different acts perform each period, so there is a unique show every class. Students also get to perform their act in more than one show.

Sophomore Quinten Berridge has always liked to dance. He performed multiple times this year at DHS Rocks.

“I would say don’t be afraid, I was afraid my first time performing, the many years you perform it gets easier, and you get use to it performing in front of a crowd,” said so. Quinten Berridge.

Quinten performed four times, and received standing ovations for all of his dances.

“My favorite part of DHS Rocks is probably that I can do may acts instead of limiting myself to one,” said Berridge.

DHS Rocks is always in need of more student participation and acts. Both students and teachers are encouraged to sign up for the show to display their talents.

“I like the idea that we have over 25 different acts,” said Garland. “I’d always like to see more students perform.”

Students motivations for participating can range from wanting to show off a talent to looking for personal growth.

“This is to build up my confidence and make myself more open because I do want to perform later in my life,” said DHS Rocks participant so. Abigail Webb.

A stop motion film artist, so. Connor Rea, doesn’t necessarily perform in front of an audience, but still enjoys showing his talents.

“My goal for film making is to make people smile, so it’s always fun for me to show someone a finished project,” said Rea.

Although some of DHS Rocks participants are seasoned performers, new and first time performers are welcome as well.

“I understand that it can be nerve racking to get up on stage in front of a crowd of high school students,” said Rea.”It’s important to have fun and not worry too much about what your audience thinks. And if you think people are making fun of you, just remember that you were the one who was brave enough to get on stage.”

Lucky for Durango High School, there are a great many young students who will perform and help encourage others to donate money and time for a great cause.

“For families that can’t put a roof over their head, we’re able to provide it,” said DHS principal Jon Earl. “For families that may need to get out of a tough situation, and get to a different place in their life, this money’s able to provide it.”