16 Years Coming: beloved teacher returns to pitch


Corbin Miller, Reporter

Durango High School recently lost men and womens soccer coach Dalon Parker to coaching opportunities elsewhere, but they didn’t have to look far, because DHS teacher Robert Logan was ready to get back in the game.

Robert Logan is currently the teacher on special assignments and AP U.S History teacher at Durango High School and recently took up the newly opened position to be the DHS Women’s Soccer head coach.  

The women’s soccer coach position opened after Dalon Parker, the past DHS Women’s Soccer head coach, was offered a coaching job at Multnomah University in Portland, Oregon to coach their men’s soccer program. Logan took up the girls coaching position during the week of January 14th, after being offered the job.

“I am excited to watch a really high quality team play, and have the privilege of helping coach that,” said Logan.

Robert Logan coached the DHS Varsity and J.V. Girls Soccer teams for 16 years in the past, before taking up the coaching job again here. This season, Logan will be coaching a roster of 37 to 42 girls, including Fr. Cameron Kelly, So. Elise Yoder, Jr. Kylie Phipps, and Sr. Taylor Klone.

Many of the girls in the program were coached by Parker for many years during their high school soccer career and while playing in DYSA. The jump from club soccer to high school is a big change for many freshman, including freshman like Cameron Kelly who have only played in DYSA. A new coach will be a change for many of the girls.

“I didn’t know Dalon very well because I’m a freshman, but I think that Coach Logan will raise our accountability, especially for the freshman, and I think that he can bring the program to a new level,” said Kelly.

A lot of the incoming freshman have only played club soccer, and knowing that high school soccer will be more challenging for them, they are eager to start the season under Logan’s coaching.

This years girls soccer team has three co-captains including seniors Taylor Klone, Autumn Stevens, and Maddie Dearien. All three of the captains have been coached by Dalon Parker for the past three years at DHS and were sad to see him go; but excited to see a fellow DHS teacher take up the position.

“I think Coach Logan will bring some good change into the program and he’ll bring an unbiased opinion during tryouts especially,” said Klone.

Klone has played for the women’s varsity team for three years, this season being her fourth, and recently signed with Colorado School of Mines to play soccer.

“I’m going to do my best to encourage everybody as a captain of the team, and do what I can to help my teammates and coach,” said Klone.

Many of the returning players are excited to see what they will accomplish alongside Logan.  

With a new coach comes new ideas and different styles of play. Logan will be bringing his ideas and experiences from his past years of coaching to this season.

“What I’m changing is personality and my interaction with the students. As far as Dalon’s expectations of how the girls play, I am going to keep them to the same high expectations, but probably change up the normal feeling because I’m a new coach,” said Logan.

Logan knows that the girls have always had high skills, and wants to keep and improve on those skill sets.

Many athletic coaches at DHS have played in college, professionally, and have coached at DHS for many years while being teachers. Logan’s 16 years of coaching the girls program in the past will set the team up for a fun season to watch.

“I can tell Mr. Logan is really into the sport and has a nice motivation and drive for the girls program,” said Jr. Kylie Phipps.

Logan’s passion for the sport has made him a very successful coach in the past, and will benefit the girls program a lot this season.

The season starts February 26th with their first round of tryouts and quickly gets started with their first game following soon after, where Logan will make his coaching debut again after eleven years of not coaching the program.

“I’m excited to see what he has in mind for the team this season,” said So. Elise Yoder.