New AP Environmental Science Course…what will it offer?


Emily Fiala, Reporter

New AP Environmental Science Course…what will it offer?

By: Emily Fiala

You may be surprised to hear that in our small town of Durango, with a beautiful river, new and improved water treatment plants, and multiple nature reserves, no environmental science courses are offered at DHS!

Before the 2018-2019 school year, there has never been an AP environmental science class offered at DHS before. This course, taught by Sasha Creeden, will offer students a chance to learn about environmental concepts and scientific principles. It also teaches how humans have interacted with nature, along with theories about how humans will use the environment in the future.

The course will be a new earth-science class for DHS that has never been offered before.

“It helps meet the end of the science spectrum,”  said Sasha Creeden, the new AP environmental science teacher.

Now that there is an AP earth-science class, DHS offers multiple sciences for students to choose what they’re interested in. It gives them a bigger variety of science classes to decide on.

“It’s kind of like ecology on steroids. It spends a lot of time going deeper into ecology, but then it looks at the human interaction with ecology as well,” said Creeden.

The course is going to be one of the easiest science classes at DHS because the concepts that students will learn are easier to grasp and there isn’t as much homework as other AP science classes. This will be beneficial to students who are interested but already have a heavy workload. APES is also beneficial to other core classes.

“It ties in really well with economics, looking into supply and demand along with energy trade. The class will also tie in well with math classes because there is a good deal of mathematical analysis involved,” Creeden explains.

Creeden is extremely excited to teach the class. “I think we do have this missing in our school, and there’s really great resources outside the school that we can tie this into. We kind of have it all at our doorstep.”

Durango is full of resources that can be used for this course. We have the Animas River to collect data, the Animas City Mountain, new water treatment plants, and much more.

It’s not only Ms. Creeden who’s happy to have the environmental science class offered at DHS. Nature-loving students are excited to take the course, not only wanting to learn about the environment, but getting the experience of doing hands-on work in the environment itself.

DHS junior Steevie Delio is eager to take the new environmental class. “I want to go into an environmental field and it’s going to give me that experience!”

Delio is happy that she and her classmates will be able to go outside and do hands-on work. “It’s definitely going to get the students out there for them to make an impact,” said Delio.

Laurel Trout, a sophomore at DHS, is also very interested in the new course. “ I am planning on taking it as a senior and I am excited. It sounds very interesting!” Trout said.

Trout, along with other students, is glad that the workload won’t be as heavy as other AP science classes. It can give students a chance to explore the material without worrying a lot about the homework load.

“It’ll be nice not to have to do a lot, but to learn a lot,” Trout says.

This new AP environmental science class has much to offer students for the future years to come at DHS. Students will get to learn about the past, present, and future of the environment and how humans have and will use the resources it beholds.