Move over, Nanny Mcphee: DHS to offer early childhood education class


Havens Webster, Reporter


Do you love caring for and being around little kids? DHS will be offering the perfect program for you. The new Early Childhood Education class starting in fall of 2018 will offer knowledge about care for toddlers and infants, CPR certifications, and nutrition and wellness. This class will help you achieve professions in teaching young children, babysitting skills, and much more.

This course will be centered around basic knowledge of child caretaking, food and nutrition skills, CPR and safety skills, and guidance procedures. The class will be similar tpa daycare/school area that students go into and interact with the children in the program. It will be a real life type scenario so you can experience what this profession would actually be like.

“This will be kind of a lab experience for the kids taking the class in which you can get internship hours and gain experience,” said Brandon Thurston, the DHS assistant Principal.

This classroom will be separated into two parts, one in which infants will be in, and the other for toddlers. Kids taking the class will get to interact and learn about how to deal with the young children.  

Freshman Bailey Freeman expressed her hopes for the class. She is eager to learn about the responsibilities of taking care of children.“It would be good to know how to care for children and understand the responsibilities that come with caring for young children,” said Freeman.

The position for a teacher willing to teach this class is open, and requirements are knowledge about family and consumer sciences, food and nutrition, etc. They will be teaching infants and toddlers, ages 18 months to 36 months.

“There is a need in the community for young child teachers, so this class will give the opportunity for DHS students wanting to go into these professions and give them some of the credentials they need to achieve their goals,” said Thurston.

Since there is a need for more preschool and kindergarten teachers, this class will be combining community need and student interest. You can get your CPR certification and know everything you need to know if you are even thinking about this class. It works for the short term and long term. In the short term, everything this class gives you will be very helpful in the babysitting business, and in the long term, of course, becoming a preschool or kindergarten teacher.

“I do think this class would be beneficial. It’s a lot easier to work with children when you know how their brains are working, and how to interact with them,” said Eva-Adair Barry, a former DHS sophomore who works at a preschool.

If you have been considering about going into this profession, and love young kids, then this class would be a good choice for you. You will get to hang around little kids and play with them, and also help them learn and teach them skills while you are learning as well. This will be like a test trial for what your everyday life would be like if you went further than this class into teaching, and if you like doing this, then it can help you make major life decisions.

Please see your counselor if you are interested in this taking Early Childhood Education classes next year.