Creativity Festivity 2018


Emily Fiala, Reporter

Creativity Festivity

Art: Pathways to Imagination

By Emily Fiala

Attention to all artists in the school! Do you like to go and see different pieces of student artwork in our community? If you do, here’s an opportunity to do just that.

Starting April 3rd and going through April 14, the 24th annual Creativity Festivity will showcase student artwork from all over the district, including art from DHS. This event, organized by school district teachers and hosted by the Durango Arts Center, will give the Durango community a chance to see a variety of student art.

“It doesn’t just include two- dimensional and three-dimensional art, there’s an acting component that is part of it, along with literacy parts such as poetry slams,” said John Burnite, art teacher and advisor of National Art Honors Society (NAHS) at Durango High School.

DHS has participated in this event for several years. The Durango community has given good feedback about the show, getting to see all the unique pieces.

“Even though the show has a short life-span in it’s venue, it really allows the community to see all the art. I feel like the people don’t get sick of it,” said Burnite.

Mr. Burnite isn’t the only teacher who has participated in the Creativity Festivity. Other DHS art teachers love to engage in the event, choosing students’ art work they feel is exemplary.

“It’s important that we show how students grow in their talent and skills before they graduate from high school. What we’re able to get students to produce is amazing and we want to show that off,” said Krista Karpel, Head of Arts Department at DHS.

Roxie Mitchell is the art technology teacher at DHS, and she thinks that the show is really fun way to interact with the public.

“The opening is really cool because a lot of people come and there’s snacks. It’s a fun celebration of the show. Students, families, anyone in the community can come,” said Mitchell.

Students are eager to participate in the Creativity Festivity, including members of NAHS. This show is a good way for students with artistic talents to display their pieces out in the public.

“We have really talented artists at DHS and it’s pretty cool to be able to show that talent for Durango to see, and for other artists to see,” said Jessica Fiala, a junior and president of NAHS at DHS.

Since teachers want to give many students a chance to engage in the show, there is be a district wide weaving project that everyone can help with. NAHS has worked on their weaving piece for a long time, and once it is done, they will weave it with other schools’ weavings. This will create a big woven installation, which is going to represent the theme Pathways to Imagination.

The Creativity Festivity is such a great opportunity to go and see all levels of student art, thanks to the hard work by the students and teachers across the district, along with DAC. The Durango community can go have fun at the show while seeing all sorts of levels of student art.