Success for FCCLA: New DHS Club is State bound


Luke Swift

Students members of FCCLA club help out at the Durango Food Bank by cooking and providing meals for the needy.

Luke Swift, Reporter

At DHS, there are a wide variety of clubs, all with readily excited students and leaders who provide a rich experience for each other. Recently, the FCCLA club, or Family Career Community Leaders of America, was created, and it’s quickly gaining club members.

FCCLA is in its first year at Durango High School, and will attend state at the beginning of April. One of many new clubs this year, FCCLA will prepare for state throughout the month of March.

Jessica Bright, the adviser and treasurer of the new club comments on how many students are in the club and how many will be participating at state.

“We currently have 13 active members, which all came from first semester of classes and seven will be participating in events at state,” said Bright.

She also describes the different events that students have the opportunities to participate in, and who will be participating in specific events at state.

“We have three people participating in ‘Baking and Pastry’, which they have to follow the recipe of four different baked items like muffins or eclairs. We have one person doing a job interview, one person doing ‘Early Childhood Education’, one person doing ‘Cake Design’ and then two people doing ‘Gourmet Food Presentation’,” said Bright.

She also shares how the club members are beginning to prepare for the big competition.

“We’re starting practices at lunch or after school just depending on group needs. We are getting those scheduled starting this Friday and going two to three times a week just kind of depending on the event until we get there,” said Bright.

Jr.  Madeline Meyer, the club’s president, comments on what events she is participating in and how she is trying to prepare for the upcoming event.

“I’ll be doing the ‘Early Childhood Education’ [event]. Mrs. Bright and I will be looking at past case studies and what they’ve done to prepare, and we’ll be talking to early education teachers,” said Meyer.

She also comments on how the state competition will be a great learning opportunity for the club.

“I am confident that we will go in and learn a lot and we will be better next year.”

Overall, the members of the new club are very confident that they will learn a lot, gain new experiences, and they will continue to work hard and prepare for state in order to improve their chances of winning.