2018 Baseball Season Overview

Naomi Miner, Reporter

“If you fail, you pick yourself up, focus again and keep going.”

Coach Eric Baker is preparing his team of 36 student athletes to make this baseball season a great one. Mr.  Baker has been coaching at Durango High School for the last 14 years.

“I played a lot. I loved the game. I just had a great time. that’s why I started coaching, I wanted to pass on that experience,” said Baker.

Passing on his experience doesn’t only mean that there’s is a big time commitment but there’s also a lesson of trial and error.

Elias Fiddler has played club baseball for a very long while. He is a freshman this year and made junior varsity. Being a team member, Fiddler has learned many valuable lessons.

“You fail more than you succeed,” said Fiddler.

Baseball is a game of learning, struggling, then succeeding.

Quelan Mestas, a senior varsity player expressed, “One of the hardest things about playing baseball is that I am the senior and I have to be a leader,”

Being a senior means that you have to step up to the plate and playing baseball all four years helps you understand what kind of impression you want to leave for following years.

Al Hurworth, a junior on the varsity team explains how the attitude of the players can change the practice or game.

“The coaches can change the atmosphere of the practice or game but it’s mostly resides in the attitude of the players coming to a game or practice,” said Hurworth.

Being able to bring a good attitude into the team atmosphere, impacts the way the practice or game goes. Attitude is one of the keys to being able to enjoy and be good at playing baseball.

Grifynn Hyson, sophomore varsity player, reflects on the differences from last year’s baseball seasons to this years season.

“This year we are having more of a calm and fun but competitive year whereas last year was more strict,” said Hyson.

A change within the team structure can change how well the players put effort into their playing. It invites a different mood and attitude among the team.

Gage Mestas, freshman on varsity, reflected on the life skills learned and developed through playing baseball.

“We learn discipline and we learn to be there for one another,” said Gage Mestas.

Learning discipline at a young age helps create better habits in the long term. Learning how to be there for one another improves ability to respect one’s differences.

“Baseball isn’t my number one priority,” said JV player Jack Benner.

Playing baseball and trying to pass all your classes can be difficult. Having to learn how to manage time well is a life skill that the players have to do everyday. It influences their diligence to get as much done during school so that then they have less to do after practice.

“One of my favorite things about baseball is watching Gus get home runs,” said Hurworth.

Having a good attitude makes great things happen and because great things happen there’s a good attitude.

“Each year it’s a new team and a new experience,” said coach Baker.

Having new players means a new start. You get to start a new, clean season. It brings in new opportunities and new challenges. It helps develop a relationship between the players.

Baseball Team 2018