Easy, breezy, beautiful?


Kate McKinnis, Reporter

In the modern era of social media, extreme body modification and age old gender biases, many young girls face self-esteem issues. Many of these issues young teens are faced with affect how a school runs and how the students feel about the school itself. DHS students from all grades share their thoughts on an ever present issue.


Q:How can we help girls who face low self esteem issues?

A: “Show them people who are very successful and not a perfect body. And show them that they can’t be like other girls. We don’t want them to be having ribs removed just so they can be the idealistic social standard.” -Fr. Savannah Bergman


Q:What do you think a cause of a low self esteem is?

A: “I think a lot of it is the way you grew up because I feel if you were like bullied as a kid, that affects your way of life. Also how people act around you and who you hang out. It has a huge impact on your life.” -So. Gwyneth Irwin.


Q:What do you think the leading cause of low self esteem is?

A: “The pressures surrounding females and the unreachable goal of perfection. A woman is not born hating herself but over time the “ideals and expectations” of a society obsessed with perfection can teach a girl to think she is not enough.”-Jr. Kayla Willis


Q: How do you see low self esteem as a girl?

A: “We constantly go through a struggle where girls and women are conflicted inside wondering if what all these people say and think about them is what they should believe and put upon themselves. I disagree with that, and believe that every woman is perfect the way they are. Girls and woman should ignore what is out there about themselves and believe in who they truly are and have faith and security in what they know. Stand up for what you believe in and don’t let others push you around. That’s what I have begun to realize over my years in highschool and it has brought me self love.” -Sr. Lydia Larson


Q:What’s one of the main reasons that girls have low self esteem?

A: “There’s a lot more pressure to be the smartest and the cutest. It feels like there’s a lot of value put on that and there’s a lot of emphasis on having all these things dialed in throughout high school This was not true years ago. I think that this amount of pressure makes kids compare themselves to the athletes and the super smart kids. I also think like how kids are communicating now it’s different than it used to be. Like with social media and posting this and that and who their friends are and how cute they look. It makes people feel inadequate because they’re not doing these cool things or getting invited to do these cool things. Also, kids can talk to each other and can say really mean things now using social media using text or snapchat or whatever. They used to have to say it face to face and now they can say whatever they want. I think that this really breaks down self esteem pretty quickly. I think the guys don’t treat the girls very respectfully now compared to then. There is a big emphasis on what they look like or what they do. This wears away the girls self esteem because that’s what they think they’re worth.” -Jessica Reed, LCSW (licensed clinical social worker)