Girl Lacrosses, Staring A New Season and A New Coach

Natalie DeBelina, Reporter

After participating in lacrosse in college, athlete Natalie Michele has taken the opportunity to teach the sport she feels so passionately about.

Girls Lacrosse at Durango High School has been going on for years now, but just this year a new coach joined the team. Michele has decided to take up the challenges of coaching high school lacrosse.

“I played in 6th and 7th grade and then walked on to the Fort Lewis team my sophomore year of college,” said Michele.

Not playing lacrosse throughout high school and then stepping onto the field in college takes a lot of knowledge and self-discipline for the game.

“I would say I am defensively focused and love to have a fun fast moving practice,” said Michele.

With  organization in mind from dynamic warm ups in the beginning, to drills and some three on three at the end, the lacrosse practices move quickly and smoothly.

“Jeff, the coach from last year is helping coach this year.  We have very similar approaches to the game so I don’t that too much will change,” said Michele.

After being asked how she felt she compared to the past coaches she explained how the girls’ lacrosse coach is going to be a co-coach and helping out with both JV and Varsity. Both Jeff and Natalie have similar goals for having a successful season.

Activities director Adam Bright commented on the hiring of Natalie Michele.

“She’s younger so she will relate to the team, but seems mature enough not to get pulled into the inevitable high school drama, ” said Bright.

With a new coach coming in, we need someone that can make practices that are interesting enough to make sure all the girls’  can stay involved and interested in what they are learning. At the same time, we need coaches that can get work done and have the girls trying hard.

“I want coaches that don’t worry necessarily just about this years team but four or five years. I want coaches that look at the program, not just the team,” said Bright.

Bright explains that he needs someone who plans for the future and not just focusing on the girls now, and he feels Michele really shows potential for that.   

Madison Ostrander is a freshmen who just began this year, and has positive feed back for Michelle.

“She’s seems really relaxed in her coaching, and when shes teaching us she seems pretty cool, nice, and trustworthy,” said Ostrander.

Moving forward with a new coach Ostrander contributes her opinion on the matter. Gwyneth Irwin a sophomore at Durango high school has been playing lacrosse for DHS since last year.

“I like her, but I’m excited to see how she pushes our team forward, and challenges us in knew ways that our other coaches haven’t thought of,” Irwin said.

Irwin explained how excited she was to see what the future holds with this new leadership. Irwin wants to see coach Natalie take the team into a new year of greatness.


As DHS Girls lacrosse moves into a new era of coaching with Natalie Michele taking the lead, The Lacrosse team take strides forward into a fun new year.