From Ospreys to Demons, Students Make the Switch

Luke Swift, Reporter

Most students in small towns do not get the luxury of choice when it comes to what high school they attend, but in Durango, students are given that option.

New students enrolling at Animas High School are intrigued by the project based curriculum and their mission statement promising “rigorous academics and an engaging way of learning.” While this works for some, many students begin to realize which local high school is best for them.

The main reason I chose to switch was that I thought that Durango High School would be a better fit for me in general,” said So. Rebecca Bowers, who transferred from Animas to DHS her freshman year. “ The classes offered at DHS were more varied and there were fewer classes that were required, so I had a little more freedom in the classes I got to choose.”

However, she does comment that the teachers at Animas were enthusiastic about the subjects they covered in their classes.

“I thought most of the teachers were really great, enthusiastic, and had a new and creative way of thinking about learning and education,” said Bowers.

Some Animas students have contemplated the reasons others decide to switch.  

“I think people leave AHS because they are not content with the curriculum,” said Animas So. Quincy Buickerood. “I have heard some people complain about the lack of professionalism that some teachers show.”

Buickerood benefits from the educational standards that Animas has to offer. He continues to thrive at Animas and questions as to why some classmates have decided to switch.

“I love the project based learning style at AHS, it is one of the main reasons I went to Animas,” said Buickerood.

Many would agree that having options in our community is great for our students. This way, students are able to flourish with these options that our community offers.

“I am really glad that we live in a community that has choices for our students, and I say that not just as an educator, but as a parent,” said Libby Cowles, Assistant Head of AHS.

Educators from both schools agree that these choices are great for our students.

“I feel like Animas could be a better fit than DHS for some students, and DHS is a better fit than Animas for a lot of students. It just depends on the student,”  said Mr. Aspen, DHS Sophomore Counselor.

Some would also agree that due to these school’s differences, it benefits those who are looking for a different experience.

“I think they offer two different experiences, I think it’s great that we have that choice here in a small town like Durango,” said Aspen. “Students that have transferred to DHS like the more traditional model of learning over a collaborative model where your grades are dependent on others in your group.”

Regardless of which schools students choose, a mix of learning styles between DHS and Animas ultimately benefits the youth of our community. The educating community here in Durango agree that having choices is how our students can thrive and continue to enjoy their educational endeavors.