Grease Rehearsal Process-Troupe 1096


Sophie Hughes, Online Editor

It’s as exciting theatre season for Troupe 1096, and rehearsals for Grease are under way. Grease is a fun, fast-paced, and exciting musical, with catchy songs and flashy dances. The cast and crew of Grease are hard at work and excited to show their talent to their peers and their community.

“I feel that this show is coming along so well,” said junior–and stage manager–Maggie Bachman. “We have an amazing cast that has been really productive, and they bring some great energy to the stage.” The principle actors and ensemble alike have been collaborating and bringing diverse and wonderful energy to the stage each rehearsal. In relation to the technical side of the show, things are right on schedule.

“Tech wise, things are looking superb and we just purchased new equipment,” said Bachman. Because the show takes place in the fifties, the scenic design and costumes crews have been hard at work making sure the show looks realistic for the time period.

“I think the show will be ready to open on November 3,” said costumes crew and cast member Fr. Baxter Moore. “There are some costumes that might take a while to finish, but we can do it.”

Although Grease is an upbeat, lively musical, some cast and crew members are worried that not everyone is putting enough effort into the rehearsal process. With opening night fast approaching, this becomes a more pressing matter for the members of the Troupe.

“One thing the Troupe could do better at would be to commit to the show as a whole,” said So. Anna Fenberg. Many people have put a lot of effort into the show and are excited to share it with the world, and for them, not having a successful show would be a disappointment.

But ultimately, the sense of unity and family develops between everyone involved in the production is what has a lasting impact on Troupe members. “After each show, there is such an amazing energy in everyone, like there’s no place we’d rather be,” said Fenberg. 

Grease will be performed at the Durango High School, November 3-4, and the 10-11. Tickets are on sale now but sell out quick, so be sure to get them soon, a fun and family friendly musical awaits!