2017 Telluride Horror Film Festival


Gillian Holmgren, Head Online Editor

Friday the 13th, 2017 kicked off the 8th annual Telluride Horror Film Festival. Over the course of the weekend, they showcased dozens of horror packed thrillers, spoofs, and shorts – many of which were the world premier, the U.S. premier, or the Colorado premier. Several directors from the features were also there to support their movie and/or answer questions after the film was over.

The shorts seemed to be very popular. Each block had a specialty: horror, suspense, comedy, or animation. The movies however, seemed to bring in larger crowds with lines stretching around the block. Before each film, a man – usually bearded – would come out to introduce it. He would make jokes and use plenty of profanity, beer in hand. It made the whole situation a lot more relaxed.

Throughout the festival, everyone seemed to be in a happy but spooky mood. Everywhere you went, people just wanted to talk about the movies, strangers or not. And there were a lot of people. More and more fright lovers are flocking to the horror festival each year, buying ticket after ticket or splurging for the weekend pass.

As the years go by, the Horror Film Festival seems to be growing larger and the movies keep on getting scarier. Expecting an even better lineup next year, and more exciting guest speakers to compensate for the bigger crowd.