Hurricane Harvey- Relief Efforts in Durango


Liana Bygel, Online Reporter

Hurricane Harvey devastated many areas in September of this year. With thousands of homes destroyed, people all over the country have joined in the effort to help those affected. Through several fundraisers and donation centers, our own town of Durango has played a part in bringing relief to all the victims of this awful hurricane.

In Houston alone, Harvey destroyed more than 40,000 homes in Houston, it destroyed 500,000 vehicles, and killed or injured more than 40 people. However, with the help of many people and places they are slowly bouncing back.

Amber Glasscock is from Texas, but now lives in Durango. She created a fundraiser to help the people of Port Aransas, Texas by setting up a donation center at the Elks lodge. These donations allowed people with no source of income or transportation in Port Aransas to shop at donation sites set up near them.

“When I threw the fundraiser together, I thought I’d get a few cases of water and some bug spray. In 5 days it turned into 4 trucks and trailers all going south to donation centers,” said Glasscock.

Originally, Port Aransas was reported to be about a 75 percent loss. When Glasscock and locals were allowed back on the island they found that it was closer to a 90 percent loss. “This hurricane was extremely one of a kind, the island is basically a sand bar.” said Glasscock.

Due to the storm, many people were forced to clean the rubble and rebuild from nothing. Our community played a small role in this by raising enough money for Glasscock to buy multiple chainsaws, a generator, hoses, sprayers, fuel tanks and shop vacs. Efforts of other fundraisers in Durango have also been able to donate drywall and wood pallets for building.

“Texans tend to be very proud people so when they ask for help it means they really need it”, said Robyn Vagneur, the owner of SuperNova Furniture.

Robyn was also born and raised in Houston and has experienced  a few storms, so she knew what materials would be needed. She set up boxes inside SuperNova Furniture and received several donations, that she was able to send to distribution centers in areas that got hit the hardest.

“ I am very happy to see what an amazing, caring community I live in and get to raise my family in.” said Vagneur.

Lately there have been intense storms that have impacted the many lives, but great things can happen when communities, no matter how far away, come together to help those in need.