Senior Competition

Tommy Rodgers , Online Editor

The Durango Demons’ 2017 boys tennis team is unlike any in years past.  With a whopping nine seniors on the team, there is stiff competition for traveling spots.  Although the pressure may be on, that never gets rid of the sense of camaraderie the seniors share.  

Many of the seniors have been friends since they were young.  Senior Joe Lawton, and one of the doubles 3 players for Durango,  said, “Having so many seniors is really a blessing, I get to play and travel with a bunch of great guys who I’ve grown up with.”  The seniors benefit greatly from this as they know they’re playing with someone who they can truly trust on and off the court.

Having so many seniors on the team also helps the younger players out immensely.  Senior and singles 3 player Nick Cheney-Roberts says “I think the seniors motivate the team through leading by example.  We all just try to tell the younger players to have a good time and enjoy playing.”

While some may think that the seniors may be more relaxed because it is their last season, this is not the case.  “I think a lot of use are trying harder to get where we want to be because we know this is our last chance,”  said Cheney-Roberts.  

As the sun begins to set on this year’s tennis season, the boys get ready to face some stiff competition leading into regionals.  Although this season did not break any records, it was a tremendous year for development and bonding among the team.