Demon of the Day: teacher Daniel Riecks

Gwen Stoddard, Head Online Editor

With the end of the year approaching the seniors will be leaving and heading off to new places, but they aren’t the only ones planning on getting a change of scenery. El Diablo’s very own teacher sponsor Daniel Riecks will be making his departure from Durango and DHS at the end of the school year.

“I am getting married to one of my former teacher colleagues from college that I met at Fort Lewis and moving to Colorado Springs to be with her and start a life together, I plan on teaching but may take a little bit of time to focus more on coaching [lacrosse] again, I stepped down from coaching Fort Lewis college this year ¬†and I do miss it,” said Riecks.

DHS is certainly going to miss Mr. Reicks, everything from his cat posters to always cracking a joke, the newspaper and the school will not be the same.

Although Riecks is excited to start his new life, he expressed how much the school and the community means to him.

“The kids here are amazing, we have so many talented and interesting kids and we have a talented and interesting staff that helps bring that out of them,” said Riecks.

When asked what legacy he would like to leave behind at DHS for the students and staff he gave this quote, “Be the type of person that you would like to know,” said Riecks.

The Demons at DHS would like to thank Riecks for the years of amazing teaching and advising, and even though he is going to be missed we would like to wish him luck on his new journey ahead!