Demon of the Day: Corbin Reiter

Corbin Reiter

Lilah Slaughter, Editor

How long have you played Kendama?
I have been playing Kendama for a little over three years now.
What first made you interested in playing Kendama?
It was my interest in yoyo that introduced me to it and a senior when I was a freshman, Nate Curmano, really got me hooked.
What’s your favorite trick called/ how do you do it?
I really like spacewalks, its where you throw the whole thing in the air and catch either the handle or the ball.
How often do you practice?
I don’t really practice, just play when I have time.
Do you have any goals for your future Kendama playing?
For now it’s just for fun, I like making videos* and I like playing, there isn’t a whole lot more to ask for.
Does it mean anything special to you?
Kendama is just a really fun toy with a great community around it. What more do I need?
Is there anyone you look up to in the Kendama world? 
 Some people that have really inspired me are Colin Sander, Joey Swisher, and Thorkild May.