Charter vs. Public Schools


Online schooling is an option for students who do no learn well in a traditional classroom setting.

Karver Mann, Reporter

There is a lot of controversy as to why charter school may be more or less beneficial than public school within the Durango High School community. Charter schools are schools that are completely independent and are publicly funded, and often times students must pay their way in; while public schools are free and provide an education along with access to many extra curricular activities.

“For me personally, charter school would have been a better experience if that was what my mind was set on. However,  it is different with most students considering that we all have different preferences.” said Fr. Claudia Luthy, former Mountain Middle School student.

The atmosphere of a larger school appeals to some students who have attended charter school. For Luthy, it is one of the main factors in her decision to stay at DHS.

“If I ever had the opportunity to participate in a charter school  again I would not take it because that is not my typical environment that I enjoy,” said Luthy.

Mountain Middle School is a newer charter school in Durango. It provides students of many different learning preferences with the tools to succeed in the near future.  Sometimes, students like Luthy have public school as their minority, meaning; that they are  not used to the many differences in charter school and they prefer public school more.

“I definitely considered switching to a charter school at first. I was not sure what to expect going into highschool and I thought that Animas High School might be a better fit for me, but in the long run I chose Durango High School because there are so much (sic) more opportunities,” said So. Kaitlyn Brock.

One of the main opportunities DHS presents is the chance to connect with more students.

“Public school offers a certain community and connection.  Public school really helps you get involved and has helped me get out of my comfort zones and try new things,” said Brock.

Animas High School provides an education where you can guide your career path and also receive the required curriculum to graduate opposed to DHS where you just have a certain curriculum to follow. This could be the reason for many students transferring to and from charter and/or private schools.

“I am not really against charter schooling because there could be different types of learning styles that are taught and environments at both types of schools that could be easier for some students,” said Jr. Jasmine Madril.

Often times students may be for or against charter school based on what they have participated in their whole life, such as Madril who has participated in public schooling for as long as she can remember. Although many of the students at DHS have not participated in any school types other than public, it is important that the views of students stay open. There are many students within DHS but whether they have come from a charter school or even left to participate elsewhere, they are still apart of the Durango High School community.