Checking Out New Tech

Aiden Urban, Reporter

As the year 2017 goes on, everyone is looking to purchase the latest and greatest technology and gadgets, and Durango High School is embracing the changes. Iphones have always been the big craze, but the tech industry is looking to expand its view to more than just phones. Everything from bendable phones to Amazon’s smart home system is expected to dominate the market and make lives easier.

“In a smartphone, I look for things like the camera, ease of use, and just simplicity really. I also need a phone that lasts because phones go through a lot,” said Jr. Emmett Stottlemyer.

In addition to new smartphones, virtual reality is also creating quite the boom throughout the world and in Durango High School. Recently, the computer programming club received sets of virtual reality headsets to experiment with. Math teacher Tara Haller is the advisor of the computer programming club, and she sees many practical uses for the new technology.

“VR is here, now, and part of our world.  In an ever-changing, technological world, it is a phase taking us toward what the future holds,” said Haller.

Other gadgets that are coming to light are Google’s Home and Amazon’s Alexa smart home systems, which allows users to be able to do everything from turn on the lights in your house, order food, or even put a digital scoreboard up on your TV. Amazon is predicting over $11 billion in sales and use of the Echo by the year 2020, mainly because of its ability to connect to other popular apps, like Spotify and Twitter, and be able to have ease of access when it comes to everyday life.

Sophomore Jarvie Arnold  said, “I really want something like the Amazon Echo.
It would be really nice but I’m kind of concerned about security”.

All of these gadgets help society do new and exciting things, but the world is still waiting on bendable phones that can save lots of money. Lenovo’s CPlus wraparound phone, part of concept technology revealed last June, is designed to be able to bend and fold, without shattering the screen. Over 30% of smartphone users have cracked phone screens, based on a survey done by Motorola in 2016, indicating safer wearable tech is more favorable. Snapchat Spectacles could be the future of mixed reality, where people can add silly filters through their glasses with the touch of a button.

“I wish I had the Snapchat glasses where you can take point-of-view (POV) videos of what you’re seeing”, said Sr. Cassidy Earles.

Quite possibly the biggest technology jump the world is waiting for is mixed reality: the combination of both virtual and actual reality. The world got a glimpse of this with apps such as PokemonGo or Augment, which allow users to interact with actual reality but with a touch of virtual reality. For example, the app Augment displays models in actual size via your phone screen and what they would look like if one were to put them in a room.

Last but not least come the drones. Companies including UPS, Ford, and Amazon have started to use drones to do deliver packages, monitor traffic, or even film Super Bowl LI. Intel is also hoping to use these drones to being able to help map out roads and potential problems traffic might have, and report these issues back before any gets hurt. For those craving more of the favorite celebs, drones will also be used by the paparazzi to see more of the celebrity lifestyles.

Technology is ever-changing, unpredictable and often comes in very different forms. Technology has come a long way from large, bulky cellular phones and is still looking to expand to new heights. 2017 seems to promise a lot in terms of helpful devices, and will continue to amaze as the year goes on.