Trump Vs. the People: Taxes


Gillian Holmgren, Online News Editor

Donald Trump’s 2005 tax return was leaked to a former reporter named David Cay Johnston, revealing that Donald Trump paid $38 million in taxes in a year where he made $150 million.

The question is, is it just to be paying a certain amount of taxes while the president of the United States doesn’t pay his fair share?

“I feel disgusting paying taxes when our president doesn’t, I feel cheated, and I feel angry that the president is not doing his duty as an American,” said former DHS student, Cecilia Mino.

After Johnston received the envelope holding the tax return, he went on the Rachel Maddow talk show where the host later said she would be exposing the leaked taxes later that week. Trump responded by giving the tax returns to the host.

Along with the taxes, a Trump administrator  handed over his opinion towards Johnston and every other reporter involved, basically saying they care too much about two pages of a tax return and that they’re desperate for views.

“I don’t think it’s fair, I am proud that America is a democracy and that everyone is willing to pay their part to make this a great country. When the human ‘running this country’ is not clear about how he contributes, it makes me feel really uneasy,” said So. Sarah Von Tersch.

The leaked document shows that Donald Trump paid $5.3 million in taxes and was obligated to pay  $31.2 million due to the Alternative Minimum Tax, which is in place to ensure a baseline tax for some people, a tax Trump proposed be eliminated during his campaign.

Regardless of fairness, a Trump administrative official stood on his behalf and explained Trump paid no more than legally required and that a tax return, that was supposedly “illegally” released, from over a decade ago, is not worth looking at now.