The road to graduation

Shayla Warren, Reporter

Durango High School students are required to meet a certain amount of credits in order to be able to graduate, and all though some requirements don’t appeal to all students, the requirements are there to help and support the students through high school.

“Some kids, because they have to take certain classes, are not able to take all the ones they want to,” said Sr. Rachel Piccoli.

Credits offered to students are basic core class’, General electives, Fine arts, PE and most recently no longer needed Career. By giving kids a wide variety of class’ to take, students are being given the chance to figure out a passion while still meeting expectations set.

“I think there needs to be standards but I think they need to be evaluated on a real life basis,” said Cara Flynt, a DHS graduate.

Between the balance of social anxiety, school work and trying to figure life out, high school kids are faced with daily obstacles to try and grow to one day find their place and make their mark in society.

Throughout high school, students are changing from childhood to adulthood. With the future slowly coming closer, having kids be able to grow with the idea for their future career at their fingertips is setting kids up for success in college and the world.

“Most countries are speaking two to three languages and it opens up your world view, and for me anyway I think that’s an important thing,” said Spanish teacher Kai Kauppi.

With kids having to take core electives such as math, science, English and history, students are being given information to later use in life. With giving kids the basic knowledge of the world they live in, students are being set up to be successful and intelligent young adults.  Teachers know how hard it is to be a high school student so even though they have to follow certain rules in order to meet expectations, they are doing it not only to get students to 28 credits to graduate but to prepare them for the tough journey through life.

“If you have all your fine arts credits but you still have to take more credits for other things, then you don’t get to have the time for what you want to do and dedicate your mind to one specific class,” said Sr. Rachel Piccoli

Although having graduation requirements can heavily impact schedules and priorities for some students, by giving kids class’ they like and don’t like students are being prepared for the fact that even if a situation comes up in life that doesn’t appeal to them as a person students have the ability and knowledge to push through it.  

“It has always been my passion to show kids how to be proactive in health. You never know what a kid is struggling with in life and having physical education can be a stress relief or an outlet for lots of kids,” said PE teacher Viki Thyfault.

For kids stuck in awful personal situations, coming to school is an escape, and being able to have an escape is a need for everyone. Although the graduation requirements are a struggle for most by trying to balance the day and life of a kid, they are there to help students find passion within themselves.  Even if the credits are not future careers some want to pursue, everyone can take a little away from something they have done.