What is DECA?


Dave Dillman

Durango DECA members Caroline Knight, Logan Fullington, and Jack Beatie present their written project at state.

Paxton Scott, Head Online Editor

The Durango DECA chapter recently  took on 2,000 other Colorado DECA members at the state competition held in Colorado Springs to secure nine spots for the international competition. Held in Anaheim, the international DECA conference allows participants to compete against DECA members from around the world.

At this point an inquisitive reader may be wondering: what is DECA? The name doesn’t give a lot away.

According to the DECA website, “DECA prepares emerging leaders and entrepreneurs in marketing, finance, hospitality and management”. Beyond the typical marketing nonsense, DECA attempts prepare students for the business world.

At state, DECA members compete in two types of events: role plays and written. In a role play, competitors are given 15-30 minutes to review a particular scenario and then have 10-15 minutes to present their solution to a panel of judges. For example, DECA members could be told that Company X is losing market share to its competitors because of poor public relations with the younger generation. DECA members then play the role of consultants who suggest solutions to Company X’s management (the judges).

The second type of event, writtens, involve more preparation. Participants write up to 30 pages on a particular topic (business plan, advertising campaign, etc.) and submit these proposals to judges. In addition to the written element, the event also includes a 15 minute presentation in which the participants highlight the main points of their written proposal.  

Both of the event types allow participants to practice important business skills: presentation technique, quick thinking, clarity, etc.