Joey Mynatt


Gillian Holmgren, Online News Editor

Andrew Coleman is a Sophomore at Durango High School who has some pretty sweet ukulele skills. He made his first impression on the stage of the talent show in January where he showed off these skills, accompanied by his wonderful singing voice. Since then, he has been recognized as the “Ukulele Kid” around the halls.

Reporter: When did you start playing the ukulele?

Drew: I started playing two years ago.

R: What made you start playing?

D: I was in Hawaii and we went to this gathering kind of thing and at the end, everyone got into this circle and started playing their ukuleles and it was really inspiring. So, the next day, I went to a ukulele shop and bought one.

R: How did you learn to play?

D: Youtube. It’s a great teacher.

R: Do you play any other instruments?

D: Yeah, piano, guitar, and violin.

R: What’s your favorite?

D: Ukulele and guitar.

R: Do you have any other hobbies?

D: Biking, snowboarding, swimming in the river, hanging out with friends.

R: Has anyone complimented you on your ukulele skills since the talent show?

D: Yeah, I’ve gotten quite a few compliments since then.