Elementary School Art

Charlotte Hale, Reporter

Although we see them as random lines or finger painting smudges the kids, who attend elementary schools, see them as masterpieces. When teachers and parents have their backs, students can then frolic in the fields of imagination and creativity.

“Having access to supplies and space with encouragement will help foster expression,” said Tracy Farmer, mom of a Needham elementary student. “Creative arts can be healing and an outlet for stress.”

Parents, don’t want their child to be stressed growing up, they want them to discover who they really are. Because of the unstructured freedom that art provides, the idea of art classes are  especially supported by younger students. Providing art classes during a young student’s school time does seem to make life easier.

“It makes you think differently, at a young age you have so many ideas and creations that you can express on paper however you want,” said So. Ren Beasley.

This is a crucial point. As young kids go throughout their high school career, classes seem to get more difficult. Kids in high school experience even more creativity when making a project. In turn this makes life and school more enjoyable for the students and teachers. Imagine how younger minds thrive off of freedom and inspiration.

An art class is the perfect opportunity for youthful minds to think differently and see fresh perspectives on  everyday life. Most people seem to be on board with the idea that most youth tend to thrive when they are able to do art in school.

“Everyone loves art class, that’s our favorite special,” said Kaliena Brabec, a third grade student at Needham.

The land of the tiny people agree, art classes benefit elementary schools and the students within them.  It is something kids enjoy and look forward to during the school day. Imagination is an important part in the development of kids attending elementary school. Providing students with a school opportunity to learn more about themselves will help in middle school, high school and throughout their whole lives.

“I do see that art is a very positive thing at this school,” said Karen Patrum, Needham art teacher. “We have always hung their art work and it builds their confidence, they get so proud.”

The love of teaching and being able to be with enthusiastic kids is beneficial to art teachers as well. Their playful imagination flourishes even more when the teacher puts forth energy. Patrum encourages each kids uniqueness and creativity. This only makes the kids want to make more art and explore new things.

Sidebar: New DHS credit system does not require students to take any art class to graduate. Colleges such as Fort Lewis, also do not require an art class in high school or when attending.