DHS Gives Back

Brianna Brown, Specials Editor

Most communities give back to their school districts allowing students a great opportunity to give back to those in need. Many DHS students in clubs and on their own have been giving back to their community.

One of these clubs is Interact which is a club at Durango High School that is focused mainly on community service. The members interact with their community and are willing to do some work to show their appreciation.

“Interact is working on installing solar lights on houses on the Navajo reservation as well as donating blankets and clothes. We teamed up with the rotary organization and worked together on this project and it was amazing. It was a humbling job because we all realized there were people living just two hours away in extreme poverty. We’ve also been ringing donation bells at Walmart for the holidays. And other small projects are on the community. It is really a life changing opportunity,” said Sr. Peyton Floyd, President of Interact.

Another club giving back to their community is not a DHS club but is a club combined with DHS and Animas High School students. This club is MYAC which is the Mayor’s Youth Advisory Commision which primarily focuses on being the voice for the youth but are seen doing many acts of kindness.

“Every year we help out the community in all their events and after each event we try and continue to help by picking up trash and helping this community stay clean. Recently we picked up trash during the duration of our meeting the day after Halloween. In the spring we host our annual Youth expo to help give back to the youth in this community by offering them job opportunities and internship opportunities to help them build their resumes for college as well as have a new job/experience in the upcoming summer. We are also currently working on a suicide prevention/awareness project to give back and show are support for those in the community suffering,” said Jr. Amina  Youssef co-chair member in MYAC.

National Honors Society is another club sponsored at Durango High School who solely focuses on community service, mostly within the school. Members in NHS give back to their peers and teachers by assisting, tutoring and editing.

“NHS is trying to give back not only to the students but also to our school by helping keep it a welcoming and appealing place. We help clean up in the parking lot, later on could be painting around the school, and anywhere else that needs assistance to help make out our school look at it’s best. NHS also tutors and edits other students essays not only to give back to the teachers that helped them but benefit and support their peers. After everything is done it feels great to have accomplished something that will ultimately benefit everyone,” said Sr. NHS treasurer Josie Surmeier.

Obviously a huge part of DHS is Student Council, another club that gives back to their school and peers, as well as outside of the school. Student Council is a great place to get involved and start giving back to those around you.

“Throughout the year student council helps with DHS rocks, Make a Wish Foundation, and lately we have adopted a highway. A very big community service project that Student Council puts on is ‘You’ve Been Raked”. You’ve Been Raked is where students and clubs from DHS go out into the community and rake people’s yards. You get to meet all sorts of different people. This is the best part, meeting people. Seeing how happy and thankful they get over the simplest of things. Doing simple acts like this bring the community closer to DHS,” said So. student council member Ren Beasley.