Soccer Pre-season Has it’s Own Game

Soccer Pre-season Has its Own Game

Gwen Stoddard, Sports Online Editor


With the girls soccer season fast approaching the coaches and organization have decided to organize an indoor soccer training on Tuesday and Thursday nights at the high school. It is also open to the boys who play soccer but their games are a part of a different schedule. The training and game play is unique and goes by the name of Futsal, it is unlike other trainings which usually consist of drills and other various skill builders. Futsal instead is basically indoor small sided soccer.

The DHS soccer team plays on the court at the high school’s gym and uses the basketball sidelines as boundaries. They split up all the girls in the program who want to start getting ready for season into multiple different teams usually compiled of 6-8 players. They then have 4o minute games with 5 people on the court at a time including the goalie. It is also tournament style, so the 5 teams are competing for the top spot over the course of 8 weeks.

This paticular way of doing pre-season incorporates an element of fun and competitiveness as well as the motivation to get in shape for the season and try-outs. With this extra playing time the Lady Demons are sure to have an impressive season ahead!