Student Body Prez: Maggie Hackett

Tierney Brennan , Specials Online Editor

In the light of winter week, and upcoming prom, it seemed fitting to talk to the head of the student-elected leadership to get the lowdown on her thoughts pertaining to her position.

Sr. Maggie Hackett has been on student council for 4 years. She’s a hard worker who is motivated by the goal of bettering the school as a whole.

“I wanted to join for the people who are on student council and to try and do things within the school that I could have an impact on,” said Hackett.

Her duties mostly consist of management and overseeing. Hackett ensures the members of student council are working their hardest, and keeps everything running smoothly.

Of course, there is the dispute of how much she actually has control over – whether or not her position makes a difference.

“I feel my position isn’t very influential on the student body itself when it comes to representing everyone in the school, because there’s no way I can talk and have meetings with them,” said Hackett. “The meetings I do have don’t happen as I would like, but I do feel my position has a huge influence on everybody else student council because I lead class every single day and I am the one who is meant touring them with the decisions that are made.”

Another struggle faced by student council is participation. It’s hard to appeal to the masses, and come up with activities that students will want to take part in.

“I wish students would realize all of the activities that student council are put on for them, and a lot of them are really cool but people don’t come to lunch/after school activities because they think they’re lame,” said Hackett.

Hackett maintains that students should give the activities a chance, as the council puts a lot of work into them. She and the other members of student council genuinely care about the school, and they do their best to make the DHS high school experience a bit brighter.

“My favorite thing about being a student body president is being able to represent my entire school, be a leader for student council and those who need it, and grow people into leaders who want to also help the school and make a difference,” said Hackett.