Teachers and students prep for finals

Emma Jaber, Art Editor

As the semester comes to a close, the stress levels of students and teachers alike are on the rise. With Christmas break splitting up finals scheduling, both students and teachers are experiencing prolonged stress throughout the holiday season.

Although students usually seem to be the most stress-induced, teacher stress around the end of the semester is not overshadowed, or overlooked by students.

“I think that my classes definitely suffer when my teachers are stressed. People definitely seem to focus on the stress more than they focus on moving on and making progress. Manifesting stress seems to be everyone’s coping mechanism, especially around finals” said So. Jessica Bowman.

Most Durango High School teachers are only unscheduled for one period of the day, which is usually occupied by planning and grading. Leroy Sanchez teaches math at DHS and understands the stresses of finals.

“I am more stressed around finals. There’s a heightened sense of wanting students to perform well. We’ve been working all semester and as any teacher would hope, I want the students to perform well” said Sanchez.

The teaching itself, according to Sanchez, suffers under stress.

“If I have a lot of stress, it’s definitely hard to teach. If I bring a lot of emotion from the outside in, it’s a challenge. There are so many challenges in teaching from learning styles to student personalities and backgrounds that if I have a lot of personal stress coming in to that, it will conflict so it makes it super hard to teach” said Sanchez.

With a combination of both academic stresses and teaching stresses, Tony Herrera, a Fort Lewis College student teacher can relate to the stress of taking finals and now, giving them.

“I’m not more stressed than usual around finals as a student teacher because I’m not the only one, I have help. I was more stressed as a student because I had grades and a future depending on it. Being a student and teacher at the same time is stressful though since I am still being graded” said Herrera.

For freshman, finals are a new experience that entail a whole new kind of stress. With nothing to compare them to, finals are very intimidating, according to freshman Chloe Gauthier.

“I’m more stressed for finals and the end of the semester because it’s the first time grades are permanent and will actually make a difference. I feel like teachers are always stressed in a way because they have so many students, and I do see them getting more stressed towards finals but it doesn’t seem to affect the work environment that much” said Gauthier.