Protecting Planned Parenthood

The address for Planned Parenthood in Durango is 46 Suttle St, Durango, CO 81303


Rose Fox, Head Feature Editor

The services and products offered at Planned Parenthood facilities all across America have struck up controversy between U.S Citizens for years, and recently President Obama started a bill into motion in September protecting the institution and its funding permanently.

The rule Obama is working to enforce first and foremost protects the Title X program. This program covers the cost of most offered services for families in need of financial support. Over the past couple years, 11 states have voted to block funding to programs like Title X, so Obama has expressed his efforts to protect funding towards it.

Cutting this funding would leave almost 4 million families across the nation without access to basic health care and assisted family planning. Title X also works to prioritize low-income and uninsured families, which would put a lot of those families in dire situations without it.

Eagle Valley High School Sr. Marika Feduschak said, “There are so many things that they do that people desperately need – including abortions- and they offer these services to the ones who need it the most; the majority of their patients are at or below the poverty line.”

Planned parenthood has been adding different procedures and offerings throughout the past 15 years. More than 55 million women have had access to no co-pay birth control, saving over $1.4 billion in just one year. However, although Planned Parenthood is most widely associated with abortion, they make up a mere 4% of all the services they have to offer.

“Cutting funding would be reckless and inconsiderate, I think it would result in higher teen pregnancy, higher self-abortions, and an unhealthy rise in populations,” said Sr. Gill Wayne, “because ultimately, it’s a necessary form of population control.”

People are concerned with the future of Planned Parenthood due to Donald Trump becoming our next president and Mike Pence, an openly declared pro-life advocate, becoming his second-hand man. However, for an organization this big, they may not have as much of an effect as they have previously claimed.

“I don’t know what Trump is capable of doing, but honestly I donn’t think Trump will defund Parenthood. I think there has to be some kind of reasonable thought about the fact that abortions are only a small part,” said English teacher Kevinanne Curmano.

One of the main focuses of Planned Parenthood facilities nationwide is to inform people of the effects of the Zika virus and offer help in preventing/controlling it. States that  are being largely affected by Zika, such as Florida, are still pushing to cut funding towards Planned Parenthood.

Some branches of Planned Parenthood only offer a specific set of services and a lot of them do not even offer abortions. The local branch in Durango offers all services to women and families in the La Plata County area.

“Durango is hard place to make a living so it’s hard to afford birth control so cutting funding would have a huge effect,” said Curmano.

The Obama administration has made it possible for families all over the country to have continual access to free family planning and other necessary female services without a problem.