Sierra Kelly in Denver, CO

Haley Szczech, Arts Online Editor

Junior Sierra Kelly evaluates on her experience performing in the Thescon Showcase in front of 4,000 students and fellow performers.

“Honestly I still can’t believe it happened. It was so crazy and it all happened so fast, the callback, the rehearsal, and the performance- it all happened within 2 hours. I’ve never really performed in a full theatre that seats 100 people, so performing in a full 5,000-seat theater solo was so insane. I could hear the people applauding for other acts while I was backstage and that’s what really scared me, hearing all those people, but when I got on stage all my nerves kind of calmed and I did my song like muscle memory. It was kind of an out of body experience. But I think the coolest part was probably meeting the other people who were featured in the showcase. They really seemed to “get it” what performing is all about and the attitude they had towards their art was really inspiring. They were all so supportive and nice. Even if we didn’t talk a lot there was a real feeling of solidarity with everyone, we were all in it together, and we understood each other. I’ve heard this quote that says “actors don’t have to be smart, but they have to get it.” And I really think they did, they were so easy to talk to and even though they were all strangers some people I talked to were able to vocalize what I had always felt and thought about performing in a way no one else ever had. It was so cool to know that there are people like that out there.” said Kelly.

Kelly sang ‘I’ll Be Here’, from Ordinary Days.  She is Assistant Stage Managing one of the short plays in the fast-approaching underclassman gala, and last year acted as the Angel in Grey’s Matter. Kelly plans on auditioning for both upcoming plays, Drop Dead and A Streetcar Named Desire.