Thescon Wrap-up


Special to El Diablo

This year, seniors Abbi Andersen, Maya Bradshaw, Nate Brinkley, Tori Byam, Ethan Casselberry, Molly Christensen, Erin Christiansen, Hope Frihauf, Rebekah Fowler, Tiffany Harris, Shane Minerich, Cora Monday, Baylee Peterson, Atira Tracy, Ataley Villasenor, Isabel Whitehead, and Grace Wolf-Cartier either performed and/or presented a technical piece. Juniors Payten Craig, Devin Daley, Matti Guillette, Mckenzie James, Sierra Kelly, Egan Lindsey, Mara Morrissey, Curtis Salinger, Gavin Syme, and Jenna Szczech all traveled to Denver as well and did the same.

Haley Szczech, Online Arts Editor

For one weekend a year, the upperclassmen of Durango High School’s Troupe 1096 travel to Denver to compete at the state level. This competition is called Thescon (Thespian Convention), and every high school theatre program in Colorado is allowed to send their students to compete, meet other students, and watch a select few perform in a showcase at the end of the weekend.

Twenty-seven DHS seniors and juniors performed for two judges, hoping for the chance to receive a score that enables them to travel to Lincoln, Nebraska this summer and compete in Nationals against students from around America.

The Troupe’s musical Beauty and The Beast was entered into Nationals as well, and will know in January if they qualified.

Junior Sierra Kelly was chosen to perform her musical theatre piece in the showcase Saturday afternoon.

“I could hear the people applauding for other acts while I was backstage and that’s what really scared me, hearing all those people, but when I got on stage all my nerves kind of calmed and I did my song like muscle memory. It was an out-of-body experience,” said Kelly.

Senior Nathan Brinkley also took a part in the showcase, and accepted the Best Lighting Design award for his Legally Blonde design.

By the end of the weekend, Troupe 1096 was informed that 17 students qualified to compete at Nationals, two of those students qualified in more than one event, and eight students received perfect scores from both judges. Congratulations Troupe 1096, DHS commends the troupe for their hard work and dedication to their art.