Soccer Season Finale


Lilah Slaughter, Editor

For the first time in DHS history, the men’s soccer team played their way to the Colorado semifinals in Parker, Colorado. On November eighth, the team ran through crowded halls and an inflatable tunnel to the applause and cheers of the entire school.

“We’ve talked a lot about rebooting our culture and climate, our Demon pride here at the school this year, and one of the ways to do that is to provide an opportunity to participate in a send off if [teachers] choose to. I think it really showed the change in the climate of the school this year, and that’s exciting to see,” said principal Jonathan Hoerl.

As the new principal, Hoerl is placing a lot of emphasis on supporting the accomplishments of sports teams to improve the spirit and cohesion of the entire student body. The members of the soccer team felt the energy and brought it with them to Parker.

“Before the game we were pretty excited. We wanted to go out and play disciplined in our formation in order to beat Classical Academy, but we were also nervous, because we knew they were going to be a good team and DHS soccer had never made it this far in playoffs,” said Sr. Corbin Lyman.

By the end of the first half, Classical Academy was up 3-0 after two goals scored within 30 seconds of each other. In the second half, they gained a 5-0 lead, shutting out the Demons one game away from the championships. Later, Classical Academy won the state title with a 7-1 lead over Battle Mountain on November 13th.

Eli Fenton playing at the boys soccer team’s last meet of the season.

“The team kept fighting; even though we were losing pretty early on, we kept going at it. Everyone put in a strong effort,” said Lyman.

The Demons hadn’t faced as worthy an adversary throughout the entire season, so their typically successful strategies couldn’t quite prevent Classical Academy from taking shot after shot.

“It took a good 25 minutes for them to score, although shots were coming in all directions. Once the first goal came, the flood gates opened from there. We hadn’t been losing by more than one goal all season long so we knew this was something new,” said keeper Trey Furnas.

Despite the adversity, the DHS boys continued to fight to the end, and each of them recognized each other’s efforts. They also recognized that the Titans played well and were deserving of their victory.

“It was a hard way to end the season, but a team like that is going to win every time; it was just firepower we couldn’t contain,” said Furnas.