DHS Mock Election

Paxton Scott, Head Online Editor

The majority of high school students have definite political views, and yet are unable to voice them through the democratic process. To address this, social studies teacher David Weisfeldt worked with his government classes to create a mock election for Durango High School students.

The mock ballots, which included presidential, state representative, and county commissioner elections as well as state ballot issues, were distributed to students during advisory. The number of responses totaled to 836.

While Students vote mostly mirrored actually political results. There were a couple big differences.

First, based off DHS’s popular vote, Trump would have won Colorado. In reality, he didn’t.

Second, J. Paul Brown was elected by DHS students while Barbra McLachlan was elected by a majority of La Plata county voters.

These two instances a long with the rest of the voting data indicate that the students at DHS are more conservative than average voter in Colorado and more specifically La Plata county. This is a surprising conclusion given that young voters are usually more liberal than their older counter parts.