The Sport of Life

Lucas Robbins, Sports Section Head

Wake up, go to school, take some notes, have a lunch meeting (or three), go to practice, go to another practice, you need to eat some dinner, then study into the late night. One might be thinking that is not the schedule of anyone, yet this is the schedule of many student-athletes at Durango High.

Not only do we strive to be the best in the individual sports, but we also strive to be the best in anything that we do. Therefore it is not unusual to see students running around from class to a club meeting then out to practice.

When multiple practices are combined with the rigors of school, something has to give in order for everything to get done. Sorry teachers, but this, more often than not, is school and especially the loads of homework assigned.

Now imagine all of the above, thrown into a 2 month period. Two varsity sports, three clubs, college applications and scholarships, and maybe a couple days of school here and there. It is the foundation of a extremely crazy schedule.

This past fall, I chose this path because of commitments to multiple areas. But these weren’t the normal sports, I chose to participate in golf and high school mountain biking.

This made it even harder as all of the golf tournaments fall on school days, since golf courses do not allow tournaments on the weekends. So not only would I miss a day or two, it would be between 3-7 days straight.

Going straight from a practice rounds in Carbondale, up to a bike race, then straight back down to Carbondale for State Championships, one may think that the toll from all of this activity on your body can be overwhelming.

This was not what I found to be the worst though. The worst part was the build-up of classwork and assignments. A full classload complete with a college class and three other AP classes creates quite the homework trap to try and claw out out of.

It is not impossible though, communication with teachers, and reasonable time-management allow one to stay afloat. There were other ways around this, however.

Car rides created ideal spaces of time to catch a couple hours of sleep here and there, and how could one complain when the days are spent free of confines? There are definitely worse ways to spend the school week.

However crazy this schedule can get though, in the end, all the commitment is worth it. Not only do you get to miss school, but you also get to represent our Durango Demons across multiple disciplines all at once.

One may not have the shot to risk the GPA or social life, but if the opportunity arises, take it. You only live once, and what better way to live then doing everything you love all at once?

I applaud those who are committed to one sport or two different sports in different seasons, but no one knows crazy until you are traveling from one tournament to another race on the other side of the state; seeing your house for maybe a couple hours to sleep in a normal week.