On the Pence: VP Candidate Visits Durango


Caroline Sitter, Head News Editor


On Wednesday, Oct. 19, Republican Vice Presidential Nominee Mike Pence visited the La Plata County Fairgrounds in Durango Colorado to help spread his running mate Donald Trump’s campaign.

With hopes to boost Republican support in Colorado, Pence made an appearance in small town Durango to offer his words on the election. This was the first appearance Durango has seen from a presidential party since Michelle Obama’s visit in 2012.

“We need to know that they care enough about us to come to Durango,” said Trump supporter Darleen Rethmond. “I think there are people in question and people who don’t even know if they want to vote.”

After waiting through security, supporters entered the gates of the fairgrounds and gathered around in the dusty rodeo arena with “The House of the Rising Sun” playing on muffled speakers.

“[Hillary] is not honest, I call her a dead felon walking. She is a criminal and she should be indicted,” said Trump supporter Jeff Cage.

Although Cage was merely passing through the town of Durango, he made sure to stop by the rally. Cage said “Trump is on the right side of the issues,” as he seeks to reduce national debt, limit government, and cut tax rates.

However, Democrats and Republicans alike were drawn to the speech simply to hear what Pence had to say to encourage voters in La Plata County. As Trump supporters filed into the La Plata County Fairgrounds, Hillary Clinton supporters lined up on the streets holding signs titled “Dump Trump” and “Women ≠ Sex Objects.”

“The numbers are interesting for the voters in Durango, and roughly the La Plata County is one third Democrat, one third Republican, and one third Independent,” said Clinton supporter Helen Ruth Aspess as she stood protesting on the street. “I hope that the Independents took this election very seriously and listened to whoever is speaking and drew the correct conclusions.”

Since 1991, Colorado has been a politically torn state. For three elections the state leaned Republican, and the other three elections leaned Democrat.

“If you have a vagina and a voice, you would never listen to Mike Pence. He is dangerous to women. He’s not what we need. We need a forward thinking, compassionate problem solver and he is not that man,” said a Clinton supporter from North Carolina.

Though Pence’s visit to the small Rocky Mountain Town made a favorable impression on Republicans, protesters were not impressed. Shortly after his speech, Pence hopped on a flight to Vegas in order to support his running mate in the Third and final Presidential Debate.