Jeeper’s Creepers: Students Address Greatest Fears

Gillian Holmgren, Editor

In light of the Halloween season, DHS students’ fears have been brought to focus, especially as the current killer clown craze has been spreading across the United States and other countries.

“I’m terrified of these killer clowns; if I ever saw one, I’d piss my pants,” said So. Jack Beattie.

These “killer clowns” have been sweeping the nation and have recently made their way to the U.K. in a seemingly more harmful sense.

There have been reports of people dressed in clown attire and scary clown masks attempting to lure children into the woods with promises of candy. There have also been threats made to schools and teachers and even people being chased by clowns with weapons such as machetes and knives.

The U.K. has received their fair share of terrifying “killer clown” situations while there have been reports of clowns attempting to climb into people’s cars and standing at their windows shouting threats of slicing throats.

Although killer clowns have been the talk of the school lately, a lot of students can’t escape a sense of someone or something watching them, something… other-worldly.

“Spirits, ghosts, and all that paranormal activity stuff really freaks me out. Anytime I watch something really scary or hear anything related to ghosts, my skin crawls and I get really paranoid,” said So. Lily Chick.

The Strater Hotel on Main Street has been known to produce some paranormal activity throughout its days. People have reported seeing floating orbs, railroad workers coming in through the front doors and then vanishing, even seeing spirits in their hotel rooms and in the halls.

The Strater Hotel was built directly on the railroads which explains the most frequently reported apparitions  to be those of railroad workers dressed in “old-timey” clothing appearing in the alley way and around the hotel halls. Most staff members refuse to work alone on the top floors due to a shadowy figure haunting the hallways and the recurring image of a “translucent woman in white” lurking about.

One might refer to the above fears as irrational; but there’s no escaping what happens naturally.

“I have a serious fear of cancer,” said So. Beau Wickman.

Death is one of the most common fears, considering most people fear death in some way at some point in their lifetime.

“I’m terrified of death, it gives me anxiety just thinking about it,” said Fr. Louie Ickes.

Because there is no way of escaping it, just postponing it slightly, some people with this fear feel the only way of coping is to remember it’s inevitable and stressing about it won’t help in any way.