Barbara McLachlan vs. J. Paul Brown on Education


Holly Harris, Reporter

As Colorado is undergoing an election for its new Colorado House of Representatives in the 59th house of district, there are many things that Colorado residents must take into account as they struggle to pick a  candidate, one of these things is education.

Colorado citizens want a candidate that can improve their school systems and will help their children progress throughout their educational careers. These voters must ask, “Which candidate will best fit my child’s educational needs?”

Republican candidate J. Paul Brown has many interesting views as to how Colorado education systems can be improved, and how he plans to do this.

“I believe that there is too much top-down administration. Too many rules from the state and the federal government,” said Brown. “I believe that the district should have more flexibility at how they run their schools.”

Brown wants to grant teachers more freedom if he is elected. One of the ways he plans to do this is by letting schools be more locally than federally controlled. Brown also has some other ideas on how to improve school systems in Colorado.

“I will fight for full funding for k-12,” said Brown.

Brown is concerned with how Colorado schools are funded and plans on improving the schools by increasing their funding.

Brown has a lot to offer when it comes to education systems in Colorado. However, Democratic candidate Barbara Mclachlan has other views that may also be helpful when it comes to improving Colorado schools.

Democratic candidate Barbara Mclachlan believes that it would be beneficial to implement programs at the school that would benefit students that do not plan on attending college.

“I would love to bring back the classes that help kids [who] didn’t necessarily want a college degree,”  said Mclachlan.

Although the views that Brown and Mclachlan have on improving our schools vary in some ways, in other ways they are very similar.

Mclachlan also wants to improve the success of our schools by improving their funding, which is similar to what Brown wants to do.

“I think we need to re-evaluate how schools are funded,” said Mclachlan.

Hermosa Middle School teacher Sharon Peine shared her views on how the two candidates views compare.

“[Mclachlan’s views are] probably not going to be so different from [Brown’s] as far as wanting a good education for the students,” said Peine.

Peine also shared her view on how the two candidates views may vary.

“Brown [thinks that] teaching needs to be more individualistic, [and shouldn’t] regulate so much that [teachers] can’t teach about what they want to teach,” said Peine. “He would want to see more local control instead of being federally and state controlled.”

According to Peine, these views differ from Mclachlan’s.

“[Mclachlan] would probably be more inclined to want the assistance from the state and federal, and just [want] to follow the state and federal regulations,” said Peine.