VP GOP Candidate Mike Pence Comes to Durango

Paxton Scott, Head Online Editor

Mike Pence, the Republican Vice President nominee came to Durango on Wednesday and gave a speech to invigorate Trump supporters and convince undecided voters that the Trump-Pence ticket is the way to go.

The event started positively. A line of supporters waiting to see Pence extended almost to Main Street where a crowd of subdued protesters stood in support of Clinton. Although heated discussion and the occasional insult flew between the two groups, no fights broke out. This is worth commenting on because similar restraint seems to be noticeable lacking from other political rallies around the county.

As the line slowly made its way through a metal detector, a volunteer told supporters that knives are guns were not allowed. “But they told me it was a Trump rally,” said one individual, outraged over this loss of secound amendment right.

Once the majority of attendees had filtered into the Fairgrounds Rodeo Arena, Pence took the stage. After exactly two puns about “rodeos”, Pence proceed to the main idea of the speech. Donald Trump will make America Great Again. The three main ways Trump will achieve this, according to Pence, is by cutting taxes, decreasing illegal immigration, and bringing high paying blue collar jobs back to the U.S.

After laying out each point, Pence was met with enthusiastic sign waving and nods of agreement. At multiple points, supporters broke into choruses of “lock her up! lock her up!” a catch phrase that seemed to be inspired by the “Hillary Clinton For Prison” t-shirts being sold by the campaign at the entrance.

Pence only briefly spoke about his running mate’s allegations of a rigged election. “My running mate said the other day that there are some polling places around the country where there’s voting fraud, and the media got a little amped up about that, but don’t kid yourself” said Pence. Pence went on to say that all Americans should participate in the election to ensure that everyone’s vote counts.

Pence kept his message short and sweet, speaking for a mere thirty-five minutes. Upon finishing, he took a lap to shake hands and take pictures with supporters before jumping back on a jet to his next destination.