Political Bumper Stickers?

Paige Moore, Reporter

Prior to the upcoming Presidential election, students and other community members have been expressing their opinions about the candidates through political bumper stickers as a way to communicate who they plan on voting for.
“Political bumper stickers are annoying to me but it is also self expression. They are just opinions, so the majority of the time they do not need to be shared,” said Jr. Joe Lawton.
Bumper stickers are everywhere, even in the Durango High School parking lot. High School students are supporting who they would vote for even if they have not reached the age limit to vote.
“I enjoy showing who I support. I also like the fact that the bumper sticker I have is catchy,”  said Jr. Max Sinberg.
Some people say that political bumper stickers are a danger to driving due to road rage. Drivers interpret bumper stickers in many ways ways which can lead to unnecessary anger.
“They are a good thing because people can express themselves, but they can also be bad because while driving some people see them and get upset which changes the way they drive in a negative way,”  said Fr. Ivey Hermesman.
Political bumpers are a good way to self express and share your side of things on who you’re voting for no matter what. Bumper stickers are a great way for people to show who they want to represent even if they are not old enough to vote.