A Letter to the Candidates


Kristin Slade, Reporter

As the heat of the 2016 presidential election rises, the students at DHS have some advice and comments for the candidates. From the mouths of DHS students…


Dear Hillary Clinton,

“You’re amazing. You’re pretty cool and I agree with your opinions.”

~Best Wishes, Anonymous


“Let it go.”

~From, So. Danya Eggleston


“I don’t follow politics so I could care less to be honest.”

~Truly, So. Savanna McIntyre


“Why do you care so much about the middle class? Why do you appeal so much to the middle class?”

~With Interest, Sr. Payton Woolverton


“I think you should keep pursuing the political tactic of bashing Trump!”

~Best Regards, Sr. Duncan Calkin


“You need to get your crap together and stop telling lies.”

~Sincerely, Sr. Jackson Steigelman


Dear Donald Trump,

“Let’s keep this school appropriate. I disagree with your opinions and I don’t think you have a right to be president, because of your thoughts on women, your thoughts on, well, everything, like nuclear weapons and war.”

~Sincerely, Anonymous


“Mexico’s not gonna build you a wall.”

~From, Eggleston


“Why do you believe all our jobs are running off to Mexico, and why do you have the outlook on immigrants that you do?”

~Respectfully, Woolverton


“You should stop targeting different races and sexes.”

~Thank you for your consideration, Calkin


“You need to start thinking more logically and less as an extravagant guy. You’re trying to think about too big of a picture instead of focusing on the smaller things.”

~Regards, Steigelman

So, from within the depths of DHS, those are the words of students, given to the people who could potentially end up running this country.