The New Turf Field and Track


Since the spring of 2015, Durango High School has long awaited its new addition: the latest track and field complex. However, few student know the extent of materials put into the cutting edge home of DHS sports.

As DHS enters its Fall 2016 sports season, teams look forward to the recently added synthetic turf field. Its allure spreads to all of the sports teams, as it is a multi purpose field, now able to be used for football, soccer, lacrosse, track, cheer and dance . Although the Class of 2017 may not get to use the turf as much as hoped for because of delays and proper creation of the field, it will still be used for all possible games. With said games, the artificial grass and rubber will be torn up with use and eventually wear down.

Freshmen soccer player Jax Bayer is enthusiastic to play on the turf field for DHS.“I’m excited for the new stadium, and to see all the sports teams play (and hopefully win) on it,” said Bayer.

Freshmen and future athletes will get to enjoy many more years of sporting events in the new complex.

Unannounced to most, there has been countless hours of work and thousands of pounds of materials put into this new addition.

Mark Martinez, foreman of construction at DHS and representative of General Acrylics, has been in charge of the track and field since day one. Over the span of only a few months, Martinez and his contractors have put over 80,000 square feet of drainage basin and artificial grass, as well as thousands of pounds of rubber on the track.

On average, each square foot of drainage basin costs about $4 a square foot, while the artificial turf costs $4.75 a square foot. These materials all help create new turf and track, which should last for more than ten years, and requires no water to maintain it.

As construction draws to a close, Mr. Martinez looks forward to seeing the Demons win in the new sports complex. One of those players will be quarterback for the Durango Demons, Sr. Peyton Woolverton.

“I think the turf will help us be faster, and our team is already really fast, meaning the field will only make us faster,” says Woolverton.

Although it is his last year at DHS, Woolverton has big ambitions for the 2016 season and the turf.

Some sports teams think that changing the surface will affect the way the rest of their season goes, but Bayer thinks otherwise.

“Just because the surface has changed, doesn’t mean the way you play changes as well,” said Bayer.

The new stadium for DHS may have taken on a modern look, but the teams appear as ready as ever to embrace the change.