Fashion Club

        Fashion club is one of the many clubs offered at DHS that are looking forward to a lot of exciting events in the near future and the rest of the year.

        “We’re working really hard to promote ourselves in the school and community and fundraise for a trip to L.A.,” said Sr. Anna Joslin, head of fashion club.

        Since the fashion club is sponsored by FIDM —  a college that offers courses in fashion, entertainment, beauty, graphic design and interior design —  going to L.A. and touring the campus would be a beneficial opportunity for the club. In addition, club members  want to observe the fashion industry in Los Angeles in order to get a better understanding of what their future may hold within the industry if they decide to follow that career path.

        “We’re putting on a clothing swap, annual prom fashion show and Monday advisory bake sales,” said Joslin.

Durango thrives on local business and fashion club helps promote businesses’ clothing by showcasing their products in the fashion show along with clothes made by DHS students. The money fashion club receives from fundraising helps create these fashion shows and clothing swaps which allows the community and other DHS fashionistas get the recognition they deserve.