The Signs as Bob’s Burgers Characters

Bob – Cancer, Capricorn, Aquarius

The down to earth member of the family, you are honest, ambitious, and imaginative. Maybe you use that imagination for burger names, maybe not. At times, you can be moody and pessimistic. Just like Bob, your family is most important to you. And burgers.

Listen, you’re my children and I love you, but you’re all terrible at what you do here and I feel like I should tell you, I’d fire all of you if I could.” – Bob Belcher


Linda – Taurus, Sagittarius

Similar to Linda, you enjoy singing, and are optimistic. Sometimes that optimism can be blind, and you can come off as irresponsible and self indulgent. You are determined and straightforward, making you successful in many areas of your life. Hopefully you can keep secrets better than Linda.

“Alriiight!” – Linda Belcher


Tina – Virgo, Libra

Just like Tina, you are modest and easygoing. You are reliable and charming, but this allows many people to take advantage of you. You can sometimes be gullible and a little bit of a worrier – but your family loves you anyway. If you’re anything like Tina, you have a killer hair flip.

“Time for the charm bomb to explode.” – Tina Belcher


Louise – Aries, Gemini, Scorpio

You and Louise share a pioneering, witty nature, and you are the brains of the bunch. You are determined and adaptable, making you a perfect business person. However, because of your cunning personality, you are prone to being foolhardy and impulsive. And, if you don’t have a bunny hat yet, ask yourself this: what are you doing??

“You could sell your soul. I did, and look at me.” – Louise Belcher


Gene – Leo, Pisces

Gene is a self proclaimed musical genius, and so are you. You are imaginative and enthusiastic, generous and faithful. You can get bossy, and sometimes interfering, but your family and friends know you mean well. Similar to Gene, you have a tendency to space out and are easily distracted. Hopefully your future holds more than always wearing a burger suit.

“My life is more difficult than anyone else’s on the planet, and yes, I’m including starving children, so don’t ask.” – Gene Belcher