Popular Durango coffee joint closed, relocated


Rose Fox, Reporter

Durango prides itself on shopping locally, especially when it comes to the many coffee shops. Everyone has their own personal favorite, and many can say they theirs is The Steaming Bean.

Steaming Bean was located at 915 Main Ave, in historic downtown Durango. Due to its prime location it served as a caffeinated safe haven to a fair amount of Durango Locals.

“I always went to there during my free period to get coffee and a snack. They had local pastries that were all incredible,” said Sr. Izzie Guerra.

One of the best parts about the Bean was the moderately priced items on the menu. Such a large menu made room for lots of different options and attracted all types of customers, old and young.

Avid coffee drinker Jr. Jackson Steigelman said, “I always get a plain coffee, but their coffee appeals to me more than any other cafe in Durango,”

However, after being open for 23 years, the Steaming Bean just recently closed it’s doors on Friday, March 4th. Locals were shocked to find out that their favorite coffee shop was closing due to disagreements between owner and landlord.

Most of the disagreements were over the somewhat recent renovations the owner, Erica Fendley, approved. The remodel was major, changing the entire layout of the shop, as well as repainting, and redecorating.

DHS alum Robin Fox said, “I went to Steaming Bean at least twice a week. The ambiance was just so welcoming and friendly.”

On their last day, the Bean threw a closing party and invited everyone in to finish off the rest of their coffee and celebrate the wonderful cafe that used to be. Tons of locals showed up to show their support for such a wonderful, little store.

That same Friday however, Fendley, shocked the coffee world by announcing that she would be reopening the shop just right across the street. The new address will be 900 Main Ave.

The new storefront is just paces from the original, located right below the Irish Embassy. Fendley plans to take all of her former employees and past rituals with her to the new location. The co-owner of the Irish Embassy, Mike Graham was in full support of the merging between the two eateries.

However, Fendley has resigned as owner, and now is working only as a manager for the coffee shop.

The Steaming Bean was set to reopen in the middle of March, to the joy of the many regulars.

“I was really excited when I heard that they were reopening. Their coffee is hands down the best in town,” said Jr. Coltin Gallegos.

Gallegos finds it very important to support local business and always goes to Steaming Bean when he can. With such an inviting environment, who wouldn’t want to enjoy a hot cup of coffee there?