Students don’t buy sport budget


Elena Thompson, Reporter

Along with many of high schools all over the country, DHS has faced tremendous budget cuts. These cuts have many consequences, leaving room for lots of discussion about who should get the most money. Of course, the sports budget also has been an important aspect of the budget.

Many cuts have been made to specific sports, but very little to the overall sports budget. A large amount of students and athletes are confused about where all the money is going.

Principal Leanne Garcia explains that the majority of the school budget goes to transportation and that it is based on how often and where the sport travels.

“Seventy-seven percent of the budget is all about travel… and it depends based on their schedule and who they have to play… There’s a lot of different layers to it,” Garcia said.

Cheer athlete Kaitlyn Noble believes that there are many discrepancies in the distribution of the sports budget.

“We, the cheer team, have to pay for everything… Football gets way more money compared to other sports, like cheer,” said Noble.

Freshman Jordan Reuille-DuPont is the manager for the soccer team. She feels that the sports budget is very unequal.

“Football gets a lot of money…[soccer] wasn’t allowed to have three teams,” said Reuille- Dupont.

Of course, the football team does have to transport a large amount of students long distances. They also must be fed.

Freshman Taylor Wolf participates in both soccer and volleyball. She feels that budget cuts have been hard for the soccer team, but not very much for volleyball. She also believes that there is a problem with funding sports.

“I think we could always use more money in sports,” Wolf said.

Freshman Indigo Farmer is a pianist in the school orchestra as well as a soccer player. She thinks that the money that goes towards sports should go to other programs in the school.

“I think they should spend more on orchestra… we have to spend a lot of money in Orchestra,” said Farmer.

There are many booster clubs that help raise money for each sport. The sports do still get to rely on the special fund in the budget.

“Each one of those programs are different… The travel piece for athletics… is unavoidable… where it’s different with orchestra and band. We’re doing the best we can to make sure that each program has the money they need to do the basics,” Garcia said.

The budget is going to be a problem for years to come, no matter what. The important thing is that administration works hard to make sure it is fair and balanced.