DHS takes Disneyland


Holly Harris , Reporter

This spring break, the DHS choir will be taking a trip to Anaheim, California to perform at Walt Disney’s Disneyland. Both Colours choir and Concert choir will be attending.

Currently, the choir is preparing for this trip by rehearsing songs and fundraising.

“As president, I am organizing fundraisers so that everyone may have an equal opportunity for money and therefore be able to afford the trip,” said Sr. Jessica Hayden.                                 “I am also asking for donations and trying to get people around me to be aware of this awesome opportunity we have,” she said.

The choir teacher, Thomas Kyser, shared his additional thoughts on the subject.

“We have a concert that we’ll be performing here at the high school before we leave, so that’s going to be part of our preparation as well,” Kyser said.

The choir has been rehearsing songs and fundraising as a whole, as well as doing their own part individually to ready themselves in order to benefit their choir.

Senior Cristina Jantz also mentioned some alternate forms of preparation. “Mental preparation is just as important. I’ve been thinking about the songs…we’ll be [singing] and how we’ll perform them depending on the nature of the song,” she said.

This is not the first Disneyland trip that the choir has taken. They have had the opportunity to participate in many trips in the past.

Senior Alysia Glasby shared her experience from the last Disneyland trip, “It was amazing to have the opportunity to go backstage and to be able to perform on [the Disneyland] stage. The workshops were so much fun and the people made us feel as comfortable as possible,” she said.

Because of the experiences that the choir has had on previous Disneyland trips, they have high expectations for this year’s trip.

“We’re going to do one concert this year. We’re going to do [a] recording studio workshop and a different one which we haven’t done before and I’m kind of looking forward to that. It’s about technology in Disneyland and that will be a learning experience for all of us,” said Kyser.

Many new members of the choir have not had the opportunity to perform yet at Disneyland. They’ve been getting excited to attend this event and have an exhilarating and new experience.

The choir could benefit from this trip in many different ways. They don’t only expect to learn and progress personally, but they believe they will also grow closer as a whole while performing and participating in workshops and other activities.

“Hard work pays off, and there isn’t a better example of that than this Disneyland trip. We’ll be able to just relax and have fun, and we’ll still be learning musically at the same time as we attend workshops and perform in the park,” said Jantz.

The choir plans to accomplish many things with this trip. They hope to become more unified as a group, as well as benefit from their performances and other activities that they will be taking part in.

“I plan to collaborate with our choir and ensemble by way of performances and workshops so we can produce the best music possible,” said Jantz.

Kyser also shared his thoughts on what he wanted to accomplish on the trip.

“ I would like to have an amazing performance,” Kyser said. “I would like to have two fun and educational and rewarding workshops. I’d like to have students who have a great time at Disneyland for four days and come back with a sense of accomplishment”.